Pictures and Videos from Delhi and Rishikesh

I’m stuck in the hotel room today in Rishikesh trying to recover from a sinus infection (that’s what I get for spending 7 hours on a FREEZING cold bus full of sick people, I guess!), so I thought I’d upload some of the pictures and videos I’ve taken recently!

Some of the heavy traffic in Delhi

A stray dog we befriended one morning over breakfast in Delhi. We called him Ralph. All the stray dogs here are charming, friendly and polite – not to mention gorgeous. We suspect that a lot of them are descended from Afghan Hounds that the Moguls brought here long ago – they are all very tall and graceful with long, Afghan-looking faces. I’m trying to convince Mitch that we should bring one home with us!

Cow pulling a cart through the Main Bazaar of Pahar Ganj, Delhi

Resting in the shade at the Purana Qila in Delhi

Screaming monkeys at the Delhi Zoo

Slothbears at the Delhi Zoo

Hippos at the Delhi Zoo

 Sad, bored elephant at the Delhi Zoo

Buffalo in the Delhi Zoo

Ganga Aarti on the Ganges in Rishikesh

Rishikesh – Statue of Hanuman – the Hindi monkey god

Rishikesh – Giant Shiva statue out over the Ganges River, with the Himalayan foothills in the background

Breakfast our first morning in Rishikesh, looking out over the Ganges

The streets in Rishikesh, complete with lots of stray cows and Sadhus

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