New Puppy

While in India, Mitch and I fell in love with the street dogs there! They are an aboriginal breed called InDogs with a very interesting history.. here are some links with more info on InDogs:

A lot of these homeless dogs lead really sad lives and long story short, we decided to adopt one and bring her home with us!

Here’s a photo of a dog we called ‘Ralph’.. he was the first Indog we met when we arrived in Delhi. He was the sweetest dog and the reason we became interested in Indogs. The next time we visited Delhi, he was gone. Here’s hoping he’s still out there somewhere, maybe even found a home!


A woman named Tandrali from a fantastic organization called Friendicoes helped us through the process of finding a puppy, and Dr. Choundhary from PetFly helped us get her home.

Rupee and her siblings were rescued from a park in Delhi when they were found playing in traffic without a mother at the age of 8 weeks.

Rupee and her siblings as little puppies:

557934_10151407277434675_318771109_n(Rupee is the one sitting on the right)

Rupee at about 3 months:


Before leaving India, we got to take Rupee out for the day to Lodi Gardens:


Here’s a shot of Rupee soon after coming home to Florida:


And Rupee at about 5 months of age – notice one of the ears has gone up!


You can keep up with Rupee on Facebook!


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